Thank you for choosing INOPT. Please see below for some frequently asked questions. If you need information beyond this FAQ, feel free to contact us at

Q:Are INOPT KN95 face masks reusable?

A:INOPT KN95 face masks are one-day disposables. Please keep the resealable packet each mask comes in for storage during meals.

Q:How effective is the filtering of INOPT KN95 face masks?

A:As respirators, INOPT go through more rigorous testing conditions than 3-ply surgical masks. In multiple global lab tests, INOPT respirators have consistently achieved international standards of filtering out particles (PFE) of more than 95% and bacteria (BFE) of more than 99.9%. We are officially certified KN95.

Q:Why “non-medical”?

A:Although we have done a full battery of tests and received certifications, we market INOPT as “non-medical” and print this on every box. To declare as “medical”, the masks need to be tied around the back of the head. Our product team came up with the adjustable nose bridge design that gives most people a customised fit. We hope INOPT may be used by everyone rather than serving the medical community alone.

Q:How long can I use a single INOPT mask? Can I wash them?

A:Each single-use INOPT mask lasts for 10 hours of continuous use. INOPT KN95 masks are not washable.

Q:Are INOPT masks skin friendly?

A:Absolutely - INOPT masks are hypoallergenic and latex free. Our ear loops and inner layers are non-abrasive and super soft for your comfort.